Alex David

Project Leader

It’s hard to tell definitely, where our music paths will eventually lead us to. But one thing is certain: ATLANTICA will always be sincere and genuine, should we play pop, jazz, swing or rock.

While recording “Taboo,” we were not trying to reinvent the wheel or refer to some trendy styles. We were just trying to make the music we love, the music that could give people a variety of emotions, make them laugh and cry, make them think or abstract from their thoughts.

True happiness means being involved in something, you like doing. Witnessing people’s love to your work is even more important. I have both components of happiness in my life. I’m the happiest person ever.

When we were starting ATLANTICA, we could hardly imagine how serious we would eventually get about playing show-biz. However, even now I’m trying not to lose irony about what’s going on around. Yet, to be honest, ATLANTICA is the most important part of my life.

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